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35 Boulevard Lamp 1940-42 
O45/45N/45 Automatic Gateman 
46 Crossing Gate Single 1939-42 
47 Double Crossing Gate 
48/1017/ 1027/1028 Lionel JR. Station / Transformer 1937-42 
52 Street Lamp  
57 Broadway Lamp Post 
58 Small Gooseneck Lamp Post 
59 Medium Gooseneck Lamp Post 
60/060 Telegraph Post 
61 Large Gooseneck Lamp Post 
65 Single Arm Semaphore 
66 Semaphore Double Arm 
68/068 Warning Signal 
69/069 Warning Bell 
76 Watchmans Shanty w/Ringing Bell 
77N-77 Automatic Crossing Gate 
78/O78 Automatic Train Control Signal 
79 Flashing Signal 
O82/82 Semaphore 
83/87 Crossing Signals 
91 Circuit Breaker 
93 Water Tower 
97 Coal Elevators 
O99/99/99N Train Control Block Signal 
124 Lionel City Station 
125 Brick Lionelville Station 
126 Station With Light 
127 Lionel Town Station 
136 Lionelville Station With Train Control 
156 Station Platform 
164 Lumber Loader 
165 Remote Control Magnetic Crane 

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