Great Passaic Falls

West Side Park

Main Street
79 Maple Street, Paterson, NJ

My Grandfather, Joseph Schauble, built this house and 5 generations have called it home.  This web site is dedicated to the collection and sharing of information, pictures and stories for all our related families.

We will start simply by just sharing what information and pictures we have collected. Soon utilities will be added to this web site for those who of you that would like to contribute. You will be able to add information, pictures and stories via a questionnaire for any related family member.

Remember, this is a work in progress.  We haven’t been able to find a web-based program to manage and make available this information, so it will take time for us to develop our own. Please send me your ideas on how to make it better.

LaSalle M Olsen Jr.  2004

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Amtzell, Armbruster, Barber, Barksdale, Bathyl, Beba, Bentempo, Best, Black, Blessing, Blum, Bosland, Bowe, Bradley, Broschk, Brown, Cady, Cairoli, Cakouros, Codispoti, Costello, Cox, DeBlock, DeBlok, DeDominicos, Diveley, Donnelly, Dorcas, Douma, Dugan, Eastwood, Engels, Fels, Fetz, Fishel, Freeks, Friedhoff, Fritsche, Fukas, Gall, Gallagher, Gidus, Glogger, Grady, Grieder, Groppi, Halleran, Harrison, Hatchett, Haug, Havens, Helgerman, Hessler, Hogen, Huber, Hupfer, Husselman, Hutchinson, Ippolito, Jessop, Kane, King, Klokey, Lafko, Lelito, Lenihan, Leto, Lindsay, Lopata, Love, Lowe, Maes, Manzella, Markel, Martin, Mateos, Mathaios, Maul, McCrimlisk, McKissack, McManamey, McNeil, Mikeska, Montanarello, Moore, Neer, Nemeth, Neske, Neyendick, O'Day, Oden, O'Grady, Olsen, Parker, Paul, Pew, Phillips, Pierce, Polmara, Postma, Reid, Reith, Ritchey, Robertson, Rujescu, Saenger, Sandlin, Sandlin-Hanks, Sarver, Schauble, Shier, Sisco, Sliwinski, Smith, Snedden, Soltis, Stacey, Staub, Stewart, Sturmer, Tanis, Tarleton, Tenan, Thomson, Tipton, Tomayko, Trijillo, Valentine, Verdecchio, Vollenweider, Walter, Ward, Waziri, White, Whitefleet, Williams, Winters, Woodward, Yurko, Zimmer (and still adding more!)