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How to find a part for my train/car/accessory?
First you must know your item's Manufactures' number, then proceed to your manufacturer's search page by means of the left menu bar and choose one of the three search methods on the page (the default search is by part number) .

How do I place an order?

Search out and add your parts to your shopping cart.

2- Send your order by one of these methods:

a- Online Ordering. Submit your order to us by following the checking out procedures. Detailed instructions are on each page. Pay with Paypal. Please donít send credit card info by email for your protection..

b- Our Fax is on 24/7. If you use the online ordering and select the print option you can fax it in. Also you can send in new credit card info this way.

c- Mail order with check, cash, money order, credit card info. You can use the online ordering print option to make this method easier.

d- We will take Phone Orders over $25.00 only. Orders under $25.00 cannot be called in. Send those orders by snail mail with check, money order or credit card info. We sell all our parts by part numbers. Please be prepared for lots of questions if you do not have parts numbers when you call your order in. Itís sometimes a complex process to determine the proper parts application when you can see the train, let alone when you canít. Determining part numbers over the phone is very difficult.

How do I compute shipping charges on my order?
Shipping/Handling/Materials on all orders is $5.75.

Can I use a credit card for my parts order?
Phoned, faxed or mailed-in parts orders can be paid with AE, MC, Visa & Discover. Online orders can be paid for with Paypal.

Where do I send payment for my parts order?
For parts orders, please send payments to:
Olsen's Toy Train Parts
1281 Granger Ave.
Lakewood, OH 44107

For E-bay orders & OTTPís Specials send payments to:
Olsen's Toy Train Parts
1281 Granger Ave.
Lakewood, OH 44107

Can I fax an order?
Sure. Our fax number is 1-(216)-226-0155

What are the shop hours?

Do you repair/restore trains?
Sorry, we no longer repair trains.

Do you have original parts?
We have many original parts not on our list that we use only for repairs. Some of these we can sell if you send us a note saying what you are looking for. Check out OTTPís Specials page for unusual parts.

What do I do if I can't find the parts I need in your list/database?
Send me an email at sharon.ottparts@gmail.com or a snail mail note at:
Sharon Olsen
1281 Granger Ave.
Lakewood, OH 44107
and if I can find the item/s, I will get in touch.

Do you buy Trains or Parts?
Sure please call 1-(216)-226-0444 or send us your list by fax 1-(216)-226-0155 or snail mail to:
Sharon Olsen
1281 Granger Ave.
Lakewood, OH 44107

Who do I call if I have a question?
All questions are to be directed towards Sharon at phone number: 1-(216)-226-0444